Future direction

A great strategy creates great value as long as it is monitored and implemented in  a timely fashion

quality reporting

Directors can make better and informed decisions based on accurate data presented in a succinct manner

systems & processes

Operational capability creates efficiencies and greater profit margins by reducing risk exposure

the right people

Investing in the right people is creates sustainable value and generates trust within an ethical culture

About us

Pro-Ed Enterprises is passionate about assisting businesses & educational institutions in the formulation of strategy, cyber governance, building scenarios, quality corporate governance practice, Board evaluations, executive & authentic leadership development, coaching & mentoring, education & training, teaching, curriculum development, ESG and change management strategies.

The AILP is a program designed by Pro-Ed Enterprises which relies on the authentic nature of the active element of the program to develop the interactivity of the participants and hence the learning process follows in which the leadership traits of the emerging leader become reinforced. The largest contributor to the interactive nature of the learning component is due to the concept of emotional intelligence (EQ). This is not a new term, and emerging research has shown that this element is of greater importance than IQ. As a leader, the level and frequency of discernment required as an effective and authentic leader in the modern world, requires a highly developed EQ.

Our Team

Dr Andre van Zyl is the Executive Director and Principal Consultant of Pro-Ed Enterprises.
From time to time other partners work with Pro-Ed Enterprises to deliver the value for our clients.

Executive Director
Principal Consultant

André is a former Senior Education Executive and has held positions of National Examiner for Chemistry with the Independent Examinations Board of South Africa, Acting Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, Head of Department, Executive Director of Business, University Tutor, Chair and Directorships of Private Companies and CFO roles in automotive and security companies and various Private and State Schools both in Australia and Overseas. He currently facilitates and reviews courses for Company Directors with the AICD and is Regional Director of Queensland with The CFO Centre

How we can help business…

Our philosophy is based upon our values of honesty, integrity and loyalty to our clients.


Every business entity or organisation exists to create value for its stakeholders/shareholders now and into the future including cyber considerations. As a business owner, what future strategic value are you creating?


Working with the CEO, this type of future planning looks at the plausible nature of possible scenarios through the lens of a five phase scenario planning system which forms the basis of the formulation of an executable strategic plan for the business.


This is where successful leadership begins for aspiring leaders. Trust building and the maintenance of that trust is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your employees. We are constantly pushing the limits of what people are capable. 


Organisation leaders are struggling with a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and fast-changing external environment (VUCA). Do you have the requisite skills and are you professionally equipped to deal with these changes?

Seeking knowledge – the secret to success

Our next generation of students and adults will require very different skills to those of two or even one generation ago. The ‘social and technological’ age is changing the landscape of how the world does business, what skills business and the working world requires and there needs to be a response to the training required to meet the demands of the twenty first century.


What innovative and passionate ideas can you bring to the workplace?


Currency of ongoing learning is ever important today in a changing landscape.


New courses and structured learning on offer has never been better – take the opportunities.


Make sure that the skills you gain can be applied in the workplace and are in demand.

Business Portfolio

Each of the following images relate to publications which have been posted – take a look…


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some business people have said when working with Andre:

I have known Andre’ Van Zyl for fifteen years in various capacities including in my role as a board member of St Paul’s School where Andre’ fulfilled various positions at different times including Deputy Headmaster, Acting Headmaster, Executive Director of Business. More recently I have worked with Andre’ on Somerset Education consulting activities. I also know Andre’ personally through church, music and associated activities. Andre’ is a very impressive person of high integrity with a uniquely broad set of leadership, educational and financial skills.

John Somerset

Somerset Education

Andre is an effective school leader, with experience in both the classroom and in managing the business side of a large independent school. He understands that quality is to do with results and ensuring young people have the range of skills necessary for their future. I know Andre works collaboratively with other staff in order to see through these ideas. I would recommend him for his unique mix of skills as well as his attention to detail and thoughtful manner. As an innovative Science and Maths teacher, he also has practical ideas to share with teachers as well as the theoretical framework to strengthen their teaching setting. I worked with Andre for over ten years and happily recommend him to anyone seeking an experienced consultant in the fields of business and education.

Debbie Kemish


Andre is a true professional with a broad range of leadership skills acquired through his years spent in numerous leadership roles. In recent, Andre has provided me with priceless mentorship that has been guiding me through a difficult career transition. In addition, Andre has also been valuable in providing extensive business mentorship on side projects, stressing risks which in general are not easy to identify. He demonstrates high ethics and integrity with all tasks, big and small and is a true people’s person.

Sunette Carroll


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